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Recovery Support Partner

Recovery Support Partner

Our Recovery Support Partners (RSP) are with the client to provide guidance and support, and help follow through on the recovery plans that have been developed for that specific client. We do our best to match up our partners with clients, based on personal interests, profession, hobbies and a variety of other factors that may contribute to enhancing recovery success. Our Recovery Support Partners are a part of the team, and provide valuable insight to what might be the best steps to take in the recovery process. Since they are typically spending the most time with clients and are able to witness how the individual is responding to their life experiences in real time, the RSP's input is priceless for informing the clinical recovery team. This helps to make informed treatment decisions that guide the client through difficult situations to make healthy decisions and positively support their recovery.

Our RSPs are trained and certified in the addictions field, and usually have their own recovery experience. This critical aspect of offering partnership with clients really helps the individual feel understood and supported, which allows them to open up and engage more in the therapeutic process of recovery. If an RSP is not the right “fit” with a client, we have additional RSPs that can be substituted and fill in, so the client remains supported. Clients are encouraged to inform the Case Managers and clinical staff about their feelings when it comes to their RSP, so they trust we have their best interest at hand.

Why us?

Drug and alcohol treatment has become highly generic in its approach to helping people recover. Not because they are greedy and selfish and heartless (well, some are), but because they need to meet their bottom line and keep their doors open. Running a rehab is expensive, plain and simple. However, in this process of keeping “heads on beds”, the individual who is struggling gets thrown into a system of care that is designed to help the masses, but isn’t actually doing a lot to provide care for each specific person, based on their situation.

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