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Life & Recovery Coaching

Life & Recovery Coaching

Clients have the option of working with a Life or Recovery Coach if it is suitable for their needs. Recovery coaches are typically focused on the client’s goals for the future and how their recovery could be affected in that process. Coaches will help discover solutions to remove those roadblocks or potential triggers, and keep the client moving forward. Life coaches help with more basic life skills, education and career objectives, or social conditions that need to be addressed. Depending on the goals and objectives of each client, we assign coaches for a variety of reasons. Examples of why an individual may benefit from a Life & Recovery Coach include:

  • Post Treatment Support
  • Relationship issues or Interpersonal Skills
  • Education/Career Goal Setting
  • Life Skills: Balancing a checkbook, resume writing, filling out applications, cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, paying bills, budgeting, scheduling, etc.
  • Belief Systems or Behavior Changes
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Fitness
  • Much more…

Again, each individual has their own specific circumstances, and coaches can help provide new insights and perspectives to guide them through those challenging areas of life. Sometimes these are the things that have been the most difficult parts of life, and a simple change in perspective is all it takes to create brand new frame of mind for success. It is so beneficial to get an objective point of view to help gauge where you are, and help you get where you want to be.

Why us?

Drug and alcohol treatment has become highly generic in its approach to helping people recover. Not because they are greedy and selfish and heartless (well, some are), but because they need to meet their bottom line and keep their doors open. Running a rehab is expensive, plain and simple. However, in this process of keeping “heads on beds”, the individual who is struggling gets thrown into a system of care that is designed to help the masses, but isn’t actually doing a lot to provide care for each specific person, based on their situation.

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