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The detoxification process from drugs and alcohol is different for each individual, based on their physiological response to the specific drugs they have been using. A typical detox lasts anywhere from 3 to 7 days, depending on the drug(s), and each person's needs are different. Our doctor is board certified in addiction medicine, giving our clients security in knowing that they are receiving the most knowledgeable and appropriate care for their personal situation. In addition, our nurses work closely with the doctor to monitor your progress and coordinate care to get you to the next step in the treatment process. Our doctor utilizes specific medications to help you safely come off of the addictive substances, with as little discomfort as possible. Finally, depending on your specific situation, we will determine the amount of oversight and specific hands-on care you need in the detox process. If your detoxification requires a level of care that we do not provide, we will be sure to get you into the right facility.

Why us?

Drug and alcohol treatment has become highly generic in its approach to helping people recover. Not because they are greedy and selfish and heartless (well, some are), but because they need to meet their bottom line and keep their doors open. Running a rehab is expensive, plain and simple. However, in this process of keeping “heads on beds”, the individual who is struggling gets thrown into a system of care that is designed to help the masses, but isn’t actually doing a lot to provide care for each specific person, based on their situation.

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