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Rehab in Malibu CA

It is essential to change your relationship with drugs and alcohol if you want to enjoy long-term recovery. Recovery is a process and may take many different forms to achieve success. The severity of substance use determines the best type of treatment. The bottom line is that one rehab method is not better than another is because the effectiveness depends on the complexity of the illness.

Should you choose inpatient rehab, stay at home rehab, or outpatient rehab

Outpatient rehab

The outpatient rehab in Malibu CA has a daily treatment procedure that includes counseling, therapy, and constant visitation to clinics. People who choose this treatment prefer their life at home in comparison to inpatient treatment. The outpatient treatment costs less than inpatient treatment and offers almost the same intensity as some inpatient rehab facilities.

Most outpatient programs have a step-down approach that helps patients overcome addiction with long-term commitment. The most important factors to consider when selecting outpatient treatment include:

  • Living at home as you get treatment
  • The cost of outpatient treatment is lower than inpatient care.
  • Availability of different counseling and therapy programs
  • Treatment of co-occurring conditions like PTSD, BPD, depression and eating disorders

It would help if you remembered that outpatient treatment is not open at all times. It may be challenging to show up on time for group sessions, and you may need intense medical attention to manage different medications and complicated addictions.

Inpatient treatment

Residential Malibu CA rehab centers are useful for people with severe addiction problems. It minimizes temptations and influences that trigger substance abuse. The licensed inpatient rehab facility is best for the following perks:

  • Short and long-term program
  • Safe housing
  • Structured treatment for all addiction aspects

Keep in mind that inpatient Malibu drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehabs separates you from daily life and can be extremely challenging due to the strong structure. The costs are incredibly high and maybe impossible for most average to lower-middle-class citizens.

Stay-at-home rehab

The newest type of alcohol addiction treatment is allowing patients to receive treatment from home. The innovative program works better because it addresses complicated conditions of inpatient and outpatient treatment. Addiction will not disappear after managing symptoms for a couple of months. Premature discharge from treatment introduces patients to stimulants from the old environment.

Benefits of stay-at-home rehab in Malibu

  • Stable home environment – Stay Home Rehab has a supportive structure for a conducive recovery. We help structure more than your recovery, by highlighting ways you can shift your social and work life for a renewed healthy vigor.
  • Full support – The many different benefits of living arrangements include receiving constant support from the staff. The whole social network at home is merely unattainable at rehab. Individuals residing in their homes typically go through all rehab stages, with the support of the family and the medical and therapeutic team.
  • Structured treatment – How do you manage to resume a home life after months in an exotic rehab? It is almost tricky as returning home after a dream vacation. The difference with a stay-at-home rehab is that residents can continue the treatment structure and sense of accomplishment.

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