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Rehab Centers in Pasadena CA

A common mistake when getting into rehab is trying to build a new life as fast as possible. They take on too much in an attempt to fix all their life problems in the first week.

Patients who want a stay-at-home rehab center in Pasadena will feel instant regret when they slip and take a pint of alcohol in the first week. While slips are not a light matter, they are easily manageable with a structured treatment plan. Professional assistance is advisable if you want to minimize fall-out behavior to the lowest possibility.

What happens at rehab?


One of the first steps of rehab is the intake stage rehab centers in Pasadena CA. You will submit your insurance information and payment plan to the facility before you can gain admission. We have different assessment systems to determine your spiritual, psychological, and physical state. The most likely physical exams will also expose the best resources for the treatment and the most viable therapy service.

The difference with a stay at home rehab in Pasadena is that most of the tests are easily executable at home. We will bring along a set of kits to analyze your state for different conditions before beginning treatment. The assessment seeks to establish a report of the following:

  • Types of substances abused.
  • Family history of drug use
  • Current mental and physical health
  • Other variables that affect the specific condition

Settling in

Part of starting rehab is gaining familiarity with the environment. The tour should help you learn the best spots to relax and ease your stress during the day. Expect to learn the rules of the facility during the trip and ask questions that will allow peaceful living.

Our rehab staff may request to learn a few preferences for your home before they can begin the service. It is in our best interest to make you comfortable while eliminating or managing all the triggers that could instigate a relapse. It is normal to feel anxious about a newcomer in your home. You can trust our neurology understanding for the best acclimation to the treatment process.

Daily program

Every Pasadena CA rehab centers and staff will recommend a different treatment schedule. The typical programs of rehab involve the following:

  • Mealtime
  • 12-step program
  • Free time
  • Family, group and individual therapy

Our goal is to bring the external rehab experience to the familiarity of your home and life routine. We will structure your usual daily program to include treatment that will offer effective results. The staff will talk about the plans of the Pasadena drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehabs before starting treatment.

Length of rehab

The primary counselor at Stay Home Rehab will identify goals that guide treatment. We will set the length and pace of therapy based on your particular clinical milestone. The drug and treatment program will analyze your sober living skills at home and install a recovery program that prevents relapse and mental health complications.

We have research to suggest that participation in a stay-at-home rehab program is superior to a transitional home. Our alcohol addiction treatment
programs have a design that helps you continue a thriving livelihood in your regular lifestyle. Contact us on tel:(818)668-5743 to discuss the beginning of your rehab service.

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