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Maintaining a substance-dependent free lifestyle requires that you or your loved one create a new life where using is no longer a possibility. Unfortunately, when one is trying to establish these new patterns and lifestyles, it’s hard to do so without professional help. The triggers and enablers are all around you as you try to take definitive steps to rearrange your life. That's why we recommend you get help from a Pasadena drug rehab if you or your loved one are in this situation. At StayHome Rehab, we offer premier services for addiction treatment.

Benefits of Receiving Treatment in A Drug Treatment Center Vs. Getting Sober on Your Own Strength

Getting sober on your own isn’t a walk in the park. Not only do you have to deal with triggers, but you also have to get ready to address withdrawal symptoms. There are various benefits for enrolling yourself or someone you care about in a rehab center in Pasadena. 

  • Professionally Manage the Withdrawal Symptoms

Once you quit taking drugs or alcohol, you experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms depending on the years of dependency and the type of addiction. The approach for getting sober on your own entails quitting cold turkey. This process can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms such as heavy sweating, nausea, vomiting, cramps, and body aches, increased heart rate, among others, which can be life-threatening. Going through the detox process at a rehab facility ensures that you receive specialized care and close monitoring to ensure your safety. You can also get medication to help manage the withdrawal symptoms and keep you comfortable during detox.

  • Access to Professional Therapy

Once you have gone through detox and stabilized, you can experience a wave of emotions that can lead to despair, mood swings, and depression. You need professional help offered at a rehab in Pasadena to fully overcome addiction. Most often, there're underlying mental health issues that are responsible for alcohol or drug abuse. Sitting down with our qualified leading psychiatrists will ensure you receive a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of your addiction and any underlying mental health disorder. 

When you try to achieve sobriety on your own, you won’t have access to this kind of help. Feelings of guilt and shame, and the process itself can overwhelm you, making you abandon your efforts of becoming sober. 

  • Creating New Habits

You need new, healthy habits to maintain a sober lifestyle. When you get treatment at our rehab center, you have access to a structured life. This helps you create new habits such as running or yoga, that you can use to help you stay in the moment. Often, many people lack the discipline to follow through and reinforce a new routine without help. Our premier Pasadena, CA rehab centers guide you and show you how to develop new routines. 

  • Support

This is crucial if you have a substance use disorder. Looking for Pasadena drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehabs are highly recommended as you can benefit from group support and individual coaching to achieve lasting sobriety. 

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Admitting you have a problem with drugs or alcohol use is the first step to recovery. Another important step is seeking professional help. It's vital to give yourself a fighting chance for overcoming addiction by seeking our alcohol addiction treatment at our Pasadena drug rehab facility. Contact StayHome Rehab to get the help you need and book your first appointment on (818) 668-5743.

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