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Los Angeles Outpatient Drug Rehab

An inpatient rehab facility can be helpful when one is going through detox or needs specialized care. However, what we recognize is, you’ll eventually leave the treatment center and go back to your home and the same environment that you were in before. This motivated us to create a comprehensive addiction treatment program in our Los Angeles outpatient drug rehab that promotes wellness and gives you a real chance at lasting recovery. The only thing our StayHome Rehab staff require is wholehearted commitment. We’ll take your specific needs and recovery goals into consideration as we create a personalized addiction treatment plan for you, right from the comfort of your home.

5 Benefits of Outpatient Treatment with Us

If you’re looking for at-home addiction treatment, our premier outpatient drug rehab center is here for you. The following are the benefits of our outpatient treatment program.

  1. No Disruption of Your Work Schedule

We understand the need for you to continue working even as you receive treatment. Our outpatient drug rehab ensures you get the help you need while you continue earning a living. If you have dependents and are facing a drug problem, you don’t have to compromise your job in your pursuit to get sober. Our clinicians and staff are able to create a working solution for you.

  1. Treatment Integrated with Your Personal Life

Our Los Angeles intensive outpatient program treatment centers offer treatment that is incorporated in your specific life scenario. As our professionals work with you in your everyday environment, they’ll be able to identify triggers and make suggestions on what you can do about your situation. They’ll develop a plan to instill a stress-coping routine, depending on your interests and aspirations to make the recovery process is fun. Whatever your definition of success is, we’ll help you get there.

  1. We Offer Essential Support

We’re skilled in providing support as you go through our drug and alcohol outpatient rehab in Los Angeles. Our trained and certified recovery support partners will guide you or your loved one and help them follow through the recovery plan. Here, we will match you up with a partner who has almost the same interests as you. They’ll spend a lot of time with you, and will give our clinicians valuable insights on the best approach for your treatment. 

  1. Affordability

When seeking an affordable addiction treatment option, our Los Angeles outpatient treatment has got you covered. Since most of the care will take place in your own home, you avoid making hefty payments, as is the case with an inpatient rehab facility. 

  1. Family Support and Augmenting Inpatient Treatment

If you’re transitioning from inpatient addiction treatment, it can take time to adjust. It also helps to have someone walk with you during the transition phase to maintain sobriety. We offer the best services as well as support to your family to help them deal with changes. Our staff will work with you to establish a healthy routine within your environment.

We’re Here for You

At our Los Angeles outpatient drug rehab, we have a vast network of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain lasting sobriety. Contact StayHome Rehab to get the help you need and book your first appointment on (818) 668-5743.

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