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Millions of people attend some degree of rehab every day. Most addiction conditions share some uncontrollable nature that requires the same rehab service. An example is that alcohol addiction will require almost the same rehab procedure as heroin detox. The success of different patients depends on the specificity of the patient’s mental and emotional state. Therefore, individualized care is a critical system for most Calabasas rehab centers.

What is personalized rehab care?

Personalized care

Personalized care is the concept of evaluating every patient’s case based on specific diagnoses for individual contributing factors of the addiction. We create a treatment plan that best suits the person’s circumstance by applying a solution that is not only generic and applicable for different body and chemical compositions.

Principles of personalized rehab

Several factors determine the individualization by the rehab center in Calabasas. It is impossible to create a standard method that defines all personal rehab plan. Instead, you can expect the following principles in every custom treatment plan.

  • Addiction is an illness
  • The treatment is available to anyone who needs our service
  • We have several different therapy options
  • Our personalized plans treat the mental, emotions and physical state of the patient
  • Different medication for each patient to get the best balance
  • We can treat reoccurring disorders with a more specific treatment plan
  • The treatments test for infectious diseases
  • All treatments have a detox service

What makes individualized care successful?

Everyone had a different experience and history of Rehab in Calabasas, but most people with personalized treatment attest to success. Patients have different phases of recovery and may take more time to reach healing in comparison to others. Some reasons that our treatment plans tend to have better success include:

Treatment plan

People have different triggers for drug use. The 12-step Alcohol addiction treatment may be useful and helping a group of sober patients at getting a better understanding of their health, but will offer different specific results. Some patients thrive in structured Calabasas CA rehab centers, while others need a more social or private program to access their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Successful dual diagnosis

One of the major influences of our Calabasas rehab centers is the impact of dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis has a design that addresses various multiple conditions, such as:

  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder

The dual diagnosis care must be different for every patient because there are too many social contributors to an unstable mental and emotional state. The myriad of issues that contribute to dual diagnosis deserves individualized attention by a Stay Home Rehab expert. Additionally, the dual diagnosis will treat multiple substance abuse conditions to address the most effective treatment that will prevent relapse.

Age appropriateness

Can you imagine getting into a rehab program with a group that is two decades older or younger? They will be at a different life stage and likely offer advice that does not apply to your daily life.

It takes professional assistance to learn your treatment plan. Call our Calabasas drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehabs on (818) 668-5743 if you want to understand your needs for better healing choices and accelerated sobriety.

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