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About Us

Our Mission is to create hope and inspiration with cutting-edge addiction recovery services, in real time, and in real world scenarios.

At StayHome Rehab, we create exclusive, concierge addiction teams who develop recovery plans and case management strategies that are customized specifically for you, while you still live at home! Whether you are struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, or both, our team of doctors and licensed clinicians are here to provide the care that you want and deserve.

StayHome Rehab provides the support and guidance you need without having to take a leave of absence, leave the kids with your family, put the pets in a kennel, or put your life on hold. We will deal with life in real time and build a support system that provides real tools, and the practical application of those tools in your circumstances. We also understand this solution is not right for some people. We will assess to make the best recommendation for your situation, and if we feel residential treatment would be a better fit, we can make reputable suggestions.

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Our Services

Whether in person, via Telehealth or a virtual platform, we can meet your needs, based on your level of comfort. Specialized teams of addiction doctors, licensed therapists, certified addiction counselors and coaches will guide individuals in coping with and responding to the day-to-day challenges of life, without drugs or alcohol. In addition to clinical services, we look at lifestyle, hobbies, dreams and goals of each individual, and put the pieces in place to build success, happiness and fulfillment. Our network of service providers is vast and wide, and not just specific to addiction treatment, because that is just one aspect of life. We examine where our clients are and where they want to be in life, and we help pave the way! People are dealing with their own unique problems and circumstances...in real time! If you don't live in the local area and you would like to come to beautiful, Southern California, we can arrange for luxury accommodations.

Why StayHome?

With StayHome Rehab, you pay for exactly what is needed for your recovery success...period! We address your life and your circumstances, specifically and directly! Your recovery plan is completely customized and developed to meet the unique goals and objectives of you, and you alone.

Drug and alcohol treatment has become highly generic in its approach to helping people recover. Running a rehab is expensive, plain and simple, and in a business focused on keeping “heads on beds”, individuals who are really struggling get thrown into a system of care that is designed for the masses. It provides a basic foundation and a temporary reprieve for people, but it isn’t actually addressing the specific, individualized needs of each and every person, based on their situation.

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